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My very own little piece of peace and happiness. A collection of crap I've found in other places. I'm Asha. Ask me anything. Enjoy.
Smoke Screens Chokes and Screams

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Tekkon Kinkreet City




—Marie Antoinette (2006)

 Just so everyone is clear, the handsome Black man tutoring Marie Antoinette is Joseph Boulogne, classical musician extraordinaire whose work influenced Mozart’s. This has been your Western music history tidbit of the day. Adieu! 

*just leaves this here*


Chevalier Joseph Boulogne de Saint-Georges


Time to relax with a little Toonami


Wadjda (2013) - dir. Haifaa Al-Mansour // Saudi Arabia

Sporting a majority female cast, Wadjda tells the story of a 10-year-old girl obsessed with idea of owning a beautiful green bike she find in a toy store, even though traditional customs frown upon the notion of girls riding bikes. Nevertheless, Wadjda convinces a neighbour boy to teach her to ride in secret and begins running various small-time scams at school to raise the money for the bicycle.


Island in the Sun (1957)

Today’s poem comes from one of our amazing followers, Hanah Ratzlaff @starry_vere who submitted her poem to us last week. Check her out.
"Our Refrain Blessings"
I recall a gravity  As old as the moon And the seas Two lovers who swoon But never meet She when she wanes He dies When he wakes She’ll rise Full and bright In her celestial body Just to hear his voice Beating against the brim What a cruel air In between That makes her a mistress And him a dream But, oh, how they sing To each other Just to feel One another’s Gravity
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Mapping out the next day’s adventure.

My dream.

Been thinking ‘bout a million 💎😎



it’s doing the right thing, but it’s just the wrong light.

I did the same thing after having a drunken conversation with a friend about moths and their love for light.